Bee Progress – One Week In

As new beekeepers, we’re nervous about everything. Is the hive getting enough sunlight? Do they have enough food? Are they warm enough, especially with some of the cooler nights we’ve been having in the north east? Is a bear going to attack them?

Ok, maybe not the last one.

But if activity outside the hive is any indication, things are progressing nicely.

We’ve seen a number of workers flying in with packets of pollen on their legs, which is a good sign. Let’s open it up and see what’s inside.

Busy Bees -

So far so good. Looks like they’ve been busy as a… well, you know.

Bee Frame -

Uh-oh, they’ve been so busy, it looks like they built some burr comb on a few of the frames. What is burr comb? Let’s take a closer look.

Burr Comb -

See that raised portion of comb on the frame? That’s a bit of a problem since we won’t be able to fit the frames together as tightly as they should be, so unfortunately we’ll need to remove it. It likely happened because we didn’t have the frames as close together as they should be in the first place, lesson learned.

Once we removed the burr comb we made sure that all of the frames were as snug as they could be, but not before scoping out the rest of the frames.

Building Foundation -

Filling the frames -

And wait a second. Is that…? Hold on… I think it is! We think we spotted the queen!

Queen Bee -

Too hard to see with all of those other bees around? How about now?

Spotting a Queen Bee -

You can typically differentiate the queen because she’s larger and longer than the other bees (which isn’t as clear in the pictures as it was in person).

But so far, so good. We refilled their feeder, which we’ll continue to do for a little while longer, and keep you updated on progress.