Raising Honey Bees – Week 6

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve actually had an update on the bees, so guess what…

Beehives - My3Bees.com

We’re going in!

Bees - My3Bees.com

Right away we could tell that the bees had started drawing out comb on all of the available frames. Things were starting to get a little tight in there…

Bees - My3Bees.com

Bees - My3Bees.com

Bees - My3Bees.com

We even found some queen cells. Whoops! Looks like they REALLY need some more room.

Bees - My3Bees.com

Hang on!! Help is on the way!

Hive - My3Bees.com

That’s right, it’s time to add another set of frames on top of the existing frames so that the bees have more space to add more honey!

Hives - My3Bees.com

Move’n on up! Our second hive was also looking to expand so we added another set of frames to the top of their box as well.

Some take aways from today:

  • We probably should have checked on the hives earlier in the week. The fact that the one hive had created queen cells means that they had reached their maximum and we’re getting ready to swarm (more on that in another post). Hopefully removing the queen cells and adding the additional frames will be enough to keep them around.
  • We spotted a varroa mite on one of our drones! Not good. We need to treat the bees so that the mites don’t destroy the hive. Unfortunately there isn’t a ton of information available about how to treat hives that are so young. We’re going to ask around and will share what we find.