Raising Honey Bees – Week 7 – Fun with Slow Motion

My3Bees.com - Tripple stack

This was the first full week that our bees had a second box to work with, so we were eager to see how they dealt with it.

My3Bees.com - Two High

Not only had they figured it out (we had no doubt), but they started drawing out comb in a number of the top frames as well. Which is awesome.

Speaking of awesome, for some reason I had never noticed the “Slo-Mo” feature on my camera before. I stumbled upon it while taking pictures inside the hive this week and decided to go a little crazy…

It’s amazing just how fast they actually move. When the video converts back into normal speed at the end it feels like I sped things up. I didn’t, that’s LITERALLY how fast they’re moving.

It’s like watching a National Geographic special, but it was shot on an iPhone!

I also tried doing some artsy filming of the smoke coming from our smoker. Unfortunately the focus was slightly off, but it’s still cool to see the bees flying in towards the end.